Competition: Senate of the Republic Building

Cd. de México, México
Visualization © Roman Cordero
Visualization © Roman Cordero
Visualization © Roman Cordero
Visualization © Roman Cordero
Visualization © Roman Cordero
Duarte Aznar Arquitectos
Cd. de México, México
5-20 Stories

An urban park were human and nature bond with each other, reflections and translucent spaces alternates in a glass sculpture used as an urban lattice resting on an iron cylinder that stand tall on a platform.

The shape of the building is given by intersecting the two urban grids from the Reforma and Insugentes avenues.

The building size and shape favors the activities that are the reason of its existence. A low maintenance and resource-efficient building which aesthetics conciliate an avant-garde architecture with our traditional architecture. An iconic building that share a message of acceptance and diversity in benefit of our nation.

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