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TO is a Mexico City-based architecture and design practice led by Jose Amozurrutia and Carlos Facio, established in 2015.The practice currently has five designers: Úrsula Rebollar, Fernando Venado, Luis Gerardo Díaz, Leonardo Acevedo y Sofia Mercado.

Our work is grounded on dialogue, teamwork, the power of beauty inherent in simple things, on clear tectonic solutions based on light, acoustics, orientation, wind, weight and the quality of the materials. We focus as a building-based practice because, as designers, this draws closer to the intimate production processes of our profession.

Each project that we develop begins with the rigorous site-specific study, environmental, social and human requirements. We utilize this initial survey as an initial generator for ideas with the aim of producing a design solution of the highest quality, coherence and poetic yearning.

Our recent projects include public works for the PILARES program in Mexico City as a collaborative practice with Camilo Restrepo and Felipe Uribe, and the SEDATU Urban Improvement Program in Mexico, with the C733 Collective. These projects include the Tapachula Cultural Station, Matamoros Market, Guadalupe Market, finalist for the MCHAP 2022, and the School of Music in Nacajuca, Tabasco, winner of the BIAU, the Silver Medal at the Mexican Architecture Biennial, and the Grand Prize of the Biennial Quito. The Kithara Music Kiosk was awarded with the Simon Prize Collective Places 2022.

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