Photo © David Boureau
Photo © David Boureau
Photo © David Boureau
Photo © David Boureau
Photo © David Boureau
Photo © David Boureau

Headquarter Lille Métropole Habitat

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425 Boulevard Gambetta , 59200 Tourcoing, França
Lille Métropole Habitat

The new LMH headquarters for the social housing administration in the Greater Lille area is located on Boulevard Gambetta in Tourcoing, a main road linking Lille and the surrounding municipalities.
It demonstrates its importance in the urban context through its dimension, but the architectural expression searches for lightness and transparency and avoids any monumentality.
An open central space forms the core of the building. This courtyard, protected by a glass roof, contains an open, central and light staircase. Steel bridges connect the offices on 3 levels and allow easy horizontal and vertical access and communication in the building. Its generous dimension is unexpected. It provides the space for informal meetings. On the ground floor, the restaurant area in the north and the meeting area for seminars in the south complement the central room. Mobile panels make it possible to divide these parts into several work areas for various uses, exhibitions and events. On the office levels, meeting rooms and lounge areas enliven the inner façade with panorama windows facing the inner courtyard. Large wooden terraces inside and outside complete the building on all levels.

Sun protection is provided on the south façade by horizontal aluminum elements situated above the windows allowing free sight and protection simultaneously.
The ventilation ducts and electrical installations are part of the design. These elements are directly accessible or covered by a metal mesh. The main materials are concrete and steel for the primary structure as well as wood and glass.
The use of color is reserved to raw materials according to the architectural intention to create a quite setting for the people using the building.
The generous dimension of the atrium is unexpected. It provides the space for informal meetings, exhibitions and organized events. The restaurant area in the north and the meeting area for seminaries in the south completes the central area. Mobile divisions allow dividing the southern part in several working areas.
The offices are arranged around the atrium on five floors. Meeting rooms and open common areas animate the inner façade by providing bow windows into the court. There are large wooden terraces on each floor. These outdoor areas can be used for meetings, spontaneous and informal, as well as for moments of relaxation and rest.

Competition 12 | 2010
Start of planning 03 | 2011
Start of construction 11 | 2012
Completion 05 | 2015

Surface 10 882 m² office building
9 500 m² Parking silo

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