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Atelier Deshaus

Taizhou Contemporary Art Museum

LEAP Laboratorio en Arquitectura Progresiva


Guadalajara, 2017

LEAP Laboratorio en Arquitectura Progresiva is an architectural firm working from Guadalajara, Mexico since the year 2001 and has a new o...

Moneo Brock

Casa TEC 205

Monterrey, 2017

La Casa TEC 205 se encuentra muy cerca del parque ecológico Chipinque en Monterrey. Esta casa es el premio del Tradicional Sorteo que org...

LEAP Laboratorio en Arquitectura Progresiva

West Point - Convenience Center

Zapopan, 2018

The WP Convenience Center is part of a larger mix use complex of 8 towers of luxury residence. Due to its front side location within the ...

dmp arquitectura

Central Onceveintitrés

Ciudad de México, 2017

Con motivo de su nueva apertura , Central Central Onceveintitrés aloja su nueva sede ubicada en la calle Gutiérrez Zamora 30, Colonia La...

dmp arquitectura

Casa Santa Ana

Ciudad de México, 2016

Ubicada en la calle Ocotepec, Colonia San Jerónimo Lidice, la casa Santa Ana se desarrolla a través de tres plantas sobre unas dimensione...

dmp arquitectura


Ciudad de México, 2017

Ubicado en la Colonia Condesa, San-Hair Make up se desarrolla en 1 nivel, en el que se distribuyen espacios como salón de belleza, espaci...

dmp arquitectura

Casa Xomali

Ciudad de México, 2016

Ubicada en la calle Xomalli no. 153 en el pueblo de San Lorenzo Huipulco, la casa xomali se desarrolla a través de dos plantas y un tapan...

Darin Johnstone Architects

Mexico Housing

Yautepec, 2017

In 2016 DJA was invited to participate in a symposium and competition to explore the problem of social housing in Mexico. The symposium a...

dmp arquitectura


Ciudad de México, 2016

Se ubica en la Colonia San José Insurgentes, el proyecto se desarrolla en 5 niveles, en el que se distribuyen 7 departamentos y 2 Pent-Ho...

dmp arquitectura


Ciudad de México, 2016

ocalizado en los límites de la Colonia San José Insurgentes, Capuchinas 34 es un proyecto de carácter habitacional de 6 niveles, en el qu...


Casa Amate at Andaz Riveria Maya


The Hyatt Andaz Mayakoba is a full-service resort located in the Riviera Maya on Mexico’s pristine Gulf Coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. J...

Moneo Brock

Parroquia de La Misericordia

Monterrey, 2016

La iglesia de El Señor de la Misericordia está ubicada en el centro del conjunto urbanístico Pueblo Serena, en Monterrey, un nuevo centro...

Garduño Arquitectos



The entrance from the Street is a walk down beside the stream and through a quiet garden with that transmits a sense of intimacy and t...

dmp arquitectura


Ciudad de México, 2016

Ubicado al Sur de la Ciudad de México, entre dos articulaciones viales importantes: Insurgentes y Río Churubusco; Barranca de Muerto 14 s...

EiSat Eisenloffel.Sattler + Partner

Neubau des Kanzleigebäudes der deutschen…

Mexiko-City, 2006

Der Entwurf für das Kanzleigebäude in Mexiko-City sieht einen zweigeschossigen Bau mit Tiefgarage vor. Die oberen Geschosse umschließen d...

FPA Franzina + Partners Architettura

Tree House


Tree House is a single-family residence design placed in a non-urbanized area, where nature is predominant. It is a small archite...


Proyecto básico de un centro comunitario en el…

Monterrey, 2014

El proyecto para el centro comunitario de san Bernabé propone un Edificio-Calle, que ensaye y transmita los valor...

Mayer Hasbani

Rossy Apartment

Mexico City, 2015

Located at Bosques de las Lomas neighborhood this residential complex provides departments and services with the highest standard...

Mayer Hasbani

Coldwell Banker Offices

Mexico City, 2015

The design for the new offices of Coldwell Banker is based on a fundamental principle: the requirement for open and flexible spac...

Mayer Hasbani

Tamarindos PH

Mexico City, 2014

The intervention proposal set the opportunity to improve a typical luxurious apartment into a design backed up by new habits and ...

Mayer Hasbani

Raphael Apartment

Mexico City, 2006

The architectural axes of this apartment crisscross each other with an "X " shape. . As an attempt to take advantage of...

Mayer Hasbani

Arlette Apartment

Mexico City, 2007

Located at Bosques de las Lomas neighborhood the interior design project was developed with the main objective of giving a sense ...

Mayer Hasbani

Marco Apartment

Mexico City, 2006

By having been given the opportunity to design freely the project became an improved and sophisticated space  where convivia...

Mayer Hasbani

Milk Offices

Mexico City, 2007

This space houses our offices, as such it represents our Architectural Proposal.   The design ...

Mayer Hasbani

Adamant León

León, Guanajuato, 2017

Adamant Leon is an architectonic kaleidoscope. Its form is born from the most precise design that combines geometry and space. As...

Mayer Hasbani

Adamant Querétaro

Queretaro, 2016

Adamant Queretaro emerges on the mountaintop of one of the most prestigious areas of the city. It takes advantage of the sinuous ...

Mayer Hasbani

Elite residences

Nuevo Vallarta, 2015

To generate unique emotive experiences with sport, playful and entertainment activities in functional spaces and with high aesthetic valu...

Mayer Hasbani

Adamant Tijuana

Tijuana, B.C., 2017

Adamant Tijuana consolidates the MH Brand as the pioneer in state-of-the-art design of residential buildings and world class arch...

Mayer Hasbani


Cuernavaca, Morelos, 2007

Santorini is a residential complex of 18 houses located in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The set has a pool, tennis court, squash court, p...

Mayer Hasbani


Nayarit, 2011

Haixa at Litibu is an exclusive residential complex consisting of 4 towers each of 6 levels which house a total of 110 apartments...

Mayer Hasbani

Polanco 59

Polanco, Mexico City, 2006

The building has a sober and contemporary style, emphasized by the volumes and the floating garden in the entrance plaza. ...

Mayer Hasbani

Rincón del Bosque

Polanco, Mexico City, 2008

Located in the Polanco neighborhood, Rincon del Bosque, is a 6 level housing building that consists of 27 apartments, complemente...

Mayer Hasbani

Adamant I

Puebla, 2014

A complex of 30 levels of mixed uses that has become the leading project in sustainability and comfort in the most important area...

Mayer Hasbani

Capital Park

Mexico City, 2005

This project with 80 lasting quality homes and the enrichment through activities to promote coexistence. Another contribution to ...

Mayer Hasbani

Adamant II

Puebla, 2015

The tower consists of three blocks arranged asymmetrically, which promotes the emergence of interesting interior angles. An emble...

Mayer Hasbani

Guadarrama House

Mexico City, 2012

The 670 m2 house was designed to showcase its high design status, a kind of haute couture architecture. The bill thoughtful, well...

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