dmp arquitectura

Terraza GC

Ciudad de México, 2018

El proyecto terraza Gil debía de satisfacer las siguientes necesidades Hacer un re diseño de cubierta. Buscar una integración con el rest...

dmp arquitectura

Casa SH

Ciudad de México, 2019

El proyecto consiste en la remodelación de una casa habita-ción ubicada en la CDMX. Los dos niveles superiores y el de só-tano se organiz...

Duarte Aznar Arquitectos

Departamentos " K´inam "

Mérida, Yucatán, 2015

K’inam es una palabra maya el cuál significa Fuerza, reciedumbre, vigor; atributos que acompañan a los jóvenes que deciden abandonar la...

Moneo Brock

Casa TEC 205

Monterrey, 2017

The Casa TEC 205 is located very close to the Chipinque ecological park in Monterrey. This house is the first prize in a raffle organized...

dmp arquitectura

Casa SA

Ciudad de México, 2016

Ubicada en la calle Ocotepec, Colonia San Jerónimo Lidice, la casa Santa Ana se desarrolla a través de tres plantas sobre unas dimensione...

dmp arquitectura

Casa Xomali

Ciudad de México, 2016

Ubicada en la calle Xomalli no. 153 en el pueblo de San Lorenzo Huipulco, la casa xomali se desarrolla a través de dos plantas y un tapan...

Darin Johnstone Architects

Mexico Housing

Yautepec, 2017

In 2016 DJA was invited to participate in a symposium and competition to explore the problem of social housing in Mexico. The symposium a...

FPA Franzina + Partners Architettura

Tree House


Tree House is a single-family residence design placed in a non-urbanized area, where nature is predominant. It is a small archite...

Wolff - Yapur

Appartment RDW

Ciudad de México, 2010

In collaboration with Arq. Jorge Waissburd, this project was to design the inside of a new apartment in Mexico City as a home in ...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

TDA House

Puerto Escondido, 2006

A fresh house for extreme weather that surpasses the standard limits of comfort of the city-dweller; a low-cost house with minimum mainte...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

MA House

Tepoztlan, 2016

On a site in Tepoztlán, with views of two large mountain ranges (one, the more spectacular, being very close, and the other being ...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

CDLR House

State of Mexico, 2016

An impressive field at the edge of a precipice. The main views directed towards the valley, yet with an environment rich in vegetation an...

divece arquitectos

Casa CTres


The hermetic facade hints at the generous porosity of the interior. The entry door is the midpoint of a journey in which nature is fused ...

dmp arquitectura

Casa Fuentes

Estado de México, 2012

The project comes up in a very important avenue, on a corner with dense traffic; so we chose a scheme that was mainly focused to the inte...

dmp arquitectura

Casa del Callejón

Ciudad de México, 2007

Finishing off an alley of a popular colony at the foot of the Ajusco Hill, the house of three floors pretends to integrate itself to the ...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Parque Vidalta


El Parque Vidalta está construido sobre la losa que cubre al estacionamiento subterráneo central del desarrollo. En 15,400 ...

Jorge Hernandez de la Garza

Aurelia House

Mexico DF, 2013

The Project is located in a high sloping site of a neighborhood in the North of Mexico City, where the climate is cold and humid during r...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Nana House

Merida, 2009

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados


Uaymitún, 2008

More than just a house at the beach, Siriki seeks to reflect the lifestyle and activities of the vacation period that goes on in the Yuca...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Rajuela House

Merida, 2010

“Rajuela” house arises from the need of an elder person living in a contemporary house with good manufacturing, but at the sa...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Montecristo House

Merida, 2010

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Lock House

Isla Mujeres, 2006

This house was considered a unique opportunity to work on one of the best sites in the world and for stupendous clients whose expectation...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Mipi House

Merida, 2005

The client, an excellent friend and great builder, companion of many working days and a professional who has come to comprehend the dream...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Among Trees

Merida, 2010

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Xcumpich House

Merida, 1994

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Cousin's House

Merida, 2010

FRENTEarquitectura / Juan Pablo Maza

Mixcoac House

Mexico City, 2006

The project consists in demolish an old house and built a new one with very tight budget, preserving only the street-front façade....

Duarte Aznar Arquitectos

Casa "La Cuña"

Chicxulub, 2004

To make a hollow prism in a small piece of beach, where winds are crossing and sea is observed, was the main goal for this temporary used...

Central de Arquitectura

Casa La Punta

Mexico City, 2010

The project is located in the western side of Mexico City in Bosques de las Lomas. It is composed of two rectangular prisms placed one ov...

Central de Arquitectura

Casa Reforma

Mexico City, 2010

The proposal was created through solid stone volumes which respond to the horizontality that the spaces and the program generated and to ...

ORIGEN 19º 41´53´´N




ORIGEN 19º 41´53´´N


Morelia, 2009

BISECTRIZ HABITABLE Tan insólito como encontrar un organismo del período paleolítico viviendo aún en n...

BNKR Arquitectura

Fountain Plaza

Ciudad Guzmán, 2009

Guzman’s cathedral was constructed in the mid-20th century and lost one of its towers in the earthquake of 1985. Almost all cathedr...

BNKR Arquitectura

Tepoztlán House


Tepoztlan is a small magical town considered by the UNESCO a World Heritage Site. Built alongside the Tepozteco, a large mountain with sp...

divece arquitectos

Casa LH

Guadalajara, 2010

El concepto arquitectónico para este proyecto residencial es el de proponer una composición que se logra a través de...

divece arquitectos


Lago del Bosque, 2011

Paolino Di Vece recibe la medalla de oro en la 7a Bienal de Arquitectura Jalisciense.   El Fraccionam...

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