Wolff - Yapur

Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva

Mexico City, 2016

The Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva in Mexico City is a project that has been lobbied to many city institutions. After several m...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Marista University Library

Merida, 2004

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Marista University of Merida Health Building

Merida, 2011

The Marista University of Merida added a new building to its campus as fundamental part of its consolidation process. This new module hou...

FRENTEarquitectura / Juan Pablo Maza

Public Library


The program required a “Public Library”, so we tried to give the construction the most public appearance we could.

Duarte Aznar Arquitectos

Instituto de Ecología, Campus III

Xalapa, Veracurz

A concrete forest in middle of a cloud forest, a set of buildings aligned to the riverbed coated with concrete studs and translucent glas...

Duarte Aznar Arquitectos

Desarrollo Playa Norte

Ciudad del Carmen, 2004

On the Isla del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico, the sea has yield ground to the beach. Just like reefs, a set of two buildings creates two plaz...

Duarte Aznar Arquitectos

Hotel Escuela

Nuevo Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta is a seaside city right next to Puerto Vallarta which is one of the most famous touristic beaches in Mexico. Due th...

2puntocero arquitectura

Piaget Institute

Mexico City, 2012

Location: San Jerónimo, Mexico City, Mexico Status: fully operational Innovative in the bold use of traditio...

2puntocero arquitectura


Valle de Bravo, Mexico State, 2011

Location: Valle de Bravo, Estado de México, Mexico Status: currently under design The One who is, protect us...

LEAP Laboratorio en Arquitectura Progresiva

Biblioteca + Mediateca Fernando del Paso

Ocotlán, 2007

Taller | Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo

Escuela de Artes Plástica UABJO

Oaxaca, 2008

Taller | Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo

Escuela para Ciegos y Débiles Visuales

Iztapalapa, 2000

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