Venti Tower

Torreon, 2008

Rendering: Bernardo Pozas This project was assigned to us through a design contest where developers requested an office an...

Cacao Hotel

Playa del Carmen, 2008

Rendering: Arq. Bernardo Pozas Located in Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, the hotel will be placed on a very touri...

Santa Cecilia House

San Pedro G.G., 2008

Rendering: Bernardo Pozas

San Patricio House

San Pedro G.G., 2007

Photo: Jorge Taboada This house was projected over a ground with a pronounced slope which allowed us to frame the magnific...

San Agustin House

San Pedro G.G., 2007

Photo: Jorge Taboada Located on a ground with privileged natural characteristics, this house is opened towards all the pos...

Forma Clinic

San Pedro G.G., 2007

Rendering: Bernardo Pozas

Oxxo Corporate Offices

Monterrey, 2006

Photo: Jorge Taboada The beginning of this project started when the company FEMSA, one of the major bottling companies and...

La Gavia

San Pedro G.G., 2004

Photo: Jorge Taboada The origins of the conceptualization are a series of physical conditions that made this site a place ...