Mexico City, 2011

Limited to only 27sqm of footprint, this art workshop is nested in a small gap originally occupied by a storage-room (between 3 existing ...


Mexico City, 2009

This low income apartment building located in the corner of a popular neighborhood of Mexico City, houses 29 apartments with approximatel...


Mexico City, 2007

This social dwelling project is located in Valle Gómez neighborhood, and houses 70 apartments in 5 levels (14 apartments per level...

Eje Central

Mexico City, 2007

In the last few years, Mexico City has experienced a huge development in housing due to the big demand.    Unfor...

“El Eco” Museum Annex

Mexico City, 2007

The experimental museum “El Eco”, developed by Mathías Goeritz in 1952, is one of the most significant and emblematic ...


Mexico City, 2006

This low income apartment building located in Mexico City, has 27 apartments at approximately 56 sqm each.   The proj...


Mexico City, 2006

This building has 3 apartments in front of the lot facing to the street, and a house in the back facing to an interior patio.  Due t...

Mixcoac House

Mexico City, 2006

The project consists in demolish an old house and built a new one with very tight budget, preserving only the street-front façade....

Public Library


The program required a “Public Library”, so we tried to give the construction the most public appearance we could.

Cultural Center

Los Cabos

The main purpose of this project consisted in making evident the existing “diversity” in Baja California and Mexico.

Tree House

Inner Mongolia, 中国

The immediate context (desert) drove the decision of designing an introvert villa.  As a result of the extreme weather, it has been ...