Tree House


The immediate context (desert) drove the decision of designing an introvert villa.  As a result of the extreme weather, it has been chosen to bury the house taking advantage of the generosity of underground temperatures and therefore neutralizing the harsh winter (-20ºC) and summer (+35ºC) weather conditions.

On the other hand, realizing the good weather during spring and autumn times, the villa responds to this duality by leaving a part of the construction completely exposed, and therefore completely extrovert. This way, the villa celebrates the duality of an introvert-extrovert house.

By taking advantage of the apparent duplicity of the required areas, eighty percent of the program has been maintained in a buried “big villa”, which lives around an internal courtyard, in a scheme that promotes family interaction and emphasizes the sense of community. The duplicate program is separated and put into a mass equals to the size of the courtyard, thus creating a private floating “small villa” which gains the views and gives any family member the opportunity of temporal isolation.

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