Lock House

Isla Mujeres
Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados
Isla Mujeres

This house was considered a unique opportunity to work on one of the best sites in the world and for stupendous clients whose expectations on the house where always loyal companions of the dreams of the design team.

The lot is located next to the natural park “Garrafon” with spectacular views towards Can Cun and the caribean sea that divides these two islands. The lot had a 9 meters slope down from the street level to the beach which led the conceptual design to begin by thinking of the use of the rooftops.

The program was clearly divided in two parts: the owner’s area and the guest bedrooms so the project is born as two volumes with strong geometry that rest on the prominent slope with a garden in between them, allowing fluent views to the caribean sea and great ventilation for each of the spaces.

An exterior stairway runs along the house to enable independent access to each of the volumes. Towards the middle of this path we find a high stone volume that indicates the main entrance and also works as a light house for the rooftop terrace.

This walkway ends in the main terrace that has the particularity of integrating the interior spaces when you open all the glass doors. The sensation we were looking for was that of melting the exteriors with the interiors and use all the house as a great terrace that turns with a gesture of the roof to face Can Cun. This diagonal roof is one of the most unique things about the house. It is a cantilevered ceiling that presented quite an engineering challenge, it’s 17.40 meters long (57 feet) and it’s free of columns for a spectacular view of CanCun, the steel beams rest on the bearing walls on the extremes creating an open environment.

The pool also creates contrast by drawing a capriciously shaped curve that simulates the way the waves crash on the shore emphasizing with this the symbiosis between the exterior and the interior.

The house also has an axis of inner circulation that joins the various parts of the program. This circulatory axis always culminates on ocean or sky views.

The owners are witnesses of the diversity of the spaces, the generous dawns and spectacular sunsets paint the walls and make their colorful light be the fundamental ingredient to create atmospheres that change from the birth of a new day to the impressing star nights of our Peninsula of Yucatan.

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