The Hybrid Hut

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Winnipeg, Canada
Architectural Project
rojkind arquitectos Michel Rojkind [Founding Partner] Gerardo Salinas [Partner]
Salvador Cortéz, Adrián Aguilar, Alfredo Hernandez, Diego Díaz Lezama, Víctor Velázquez, Ditter Vergara, Jorge González,Pablo He
The Forks
Michel Rojkind, Gerardo Salinas, Salvador Cortéz, Ron Loeppky, Mark Penner.
Temporary installation, shelter.
Construction Area
75 m²

With the evolution of technology in the industry, it puts into question the role of artisans in the construction of the design space to the extent that the trades are disappearing. Along with the design process, we questioned things as: What is the use of contemporary technology if it can´t learn to grow with the process already acquired by artisans and tradition? And how can an accomplished craftsman learn a new process through technology? What is the role of the architect that has access to both scopes?

With our constant focus on “digital design and local fabrication” rojkind arquitectos was invited to participate in the Warming Huts annual competition, in which a group of selected designers and architects take action to design proposals for shelters against cold weather during winter season along the Red River in the city of Winnipeg, Canada.

Our project: The hybrid hut was produced with the help of computer aided design, understanding the process of laminated wooden beams produced in Canada, analyzing the possibilities of using reclaimed wood along with local craft techniques and how that process can be informed by the local artisans.

Understanding its parts, once the digitally designed structure was assembled and put in place we arrived in Winnipeg to build the rest of the pavilion with a local team. Leaving the tree bark on the outside. The Hybrid Hut allows a contrast between the smooth inside to the texturized pieces on the outside.

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