Falcon Headquarters

Mexico City
Photo © Guido Torres Courtesy of Rojkind Arquitectos
Photo © Jaime Navarro Courtesy of Rojkind Arquitectos
Photo © Guido Torres Courtesy of Rojkind Arquitectos
Rojkind Arquitectos
Mexico City
100K - 1M
1-5 Stories
Corporativo Falcon
Construction Area
451 square meters (4,855 square feet)

The company, Corporativo Falcon, dedicated to medical instruments and equipment, required a new headquarters in Mexico City. The premise, besides the need for a larger area and a space designed to make their processes more efficient, was to cause a radical change to their business image through the building itself, in which the sales center would become not just a work area, but also the ideal space to welcome clients and to portray their image as a high-tech business. A 2353m2 property was acquired on a very quiet street, very close to the San Angel district. The property already had three buildings, two in the perimeter and the third and biggest one, floating in the middle of the garden. Taking advantage of this layout, the different corporate areas were assigned, concentrating the sales area in the central building. Based on the main construction quality, having a structure with evident gaps, the interior was cleared out and the project was conceptualized as a crystal box floating in the garden. Focusing on the relationship between the interior and exterior spaces, the crystal skin was cast before the solid perimeter in order to create a filter between the polarity of these spaces. Subsequently, the relationship between these two was carefully edited, seeking the macrocosms that represent the fractions, or fragments, the branches, the stones, or a cloud traveling accross the sky. The translucent material, and straw, encapsulated in glass, creates a virtual sequence of exterior spaces and colors. The interior with orange lighting contrasts with the gray shades of paint and creates veils of color and reflections that transform or disappear in relation to the position in which it is observed. The perforations on the wall are in response to the search of editing the view, of losing the gravity that exists in traditional windows, to have an apparently accidental, mysteriously cut and illuminated view of the exterior, that is capable of challenging gravity, as if looking through the branches of a tree. In this manner both skins are perforated as they are being unfolded, using this metaphor as a the ideal relationship between the business and its clients.

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