Mipi House

写真 © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
写真 © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
写真 © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
写真 © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
写真 © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
写真 © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
写真 © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

The client, an excellent friend and great builder, companion of many working days and a professional who has come to comprehend the dreams our studio of architecture has. He decided to simplify his environment by letting behind the sophisticated and complex style his former house had to propose this studio a house where the synthesis and the pursuit of modesty where the richness of this new design.

The lot where this change was to be made was plain and regular, in a corner with a 1,000m2 surface. (20.00 x 50.00). There it was proposed a house contained in a great ceiling, which breaks in the center to level up, and create a double-height space in the heart of the composition. The ceiling integrates the interior space and remains unitary. Below this, the black quarry walls define the different areas in the project.

The ceiling is the container of space that leaks to the outside without hindrance. The doors hide inside the walls eliminating any frontier this continuity and fluency may have, so that the user can be a participant of the exterior while being in the interior, pretending the pursuit of richness by the alleged austerity of elements.

Same as the ceiling, the floor – managed in just one level and of one same material – emphasizes the attitude of synthesis in the composition.

The few walls that divide the interior space are arranged with a rigorous geometry that makes them independent, isolated elements with a determinant presence and create a internal distribution pattern that, in communion with the double-height and studied leaks to the blue sky of our land, let a clear vision of a continuous space that –trough the use of light and the careful assembly of its parts- ensures the proper functioning of the project.

The orientation of the house, its public areas, is to the north-east, capturing the favoring climate conditions of our land, locating the services to the south. The bedrooms have their own environment due to the patios that enclose modest scenarios, letting the performance of lights and shadows be the protagonists.

The formal language is given to the interiors, and strongly reflects the presence of the big ceiling that gives sense to the whole scheme, balancing the horizontality of the composition with a vertical element that contains the services of the public area and the installations on the roof.

The house, besides strengthening the bonds of friendship and work between the client and the studio, it meant the confirmation of our architectural pursuit through the paths of the synthesis and concern for the needs of the user.


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