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Architectural Project
rojkind arquitectos: Michel Rojkind Gerardo Salinas
Augustin Pereyra, Carlos Alberto Ríos, Alonso de la Fuente, Paulina Goycoolea, Michelle López, Yasser Salomón, Carlo María Ciamp
Interior design
Edmundo Salinas, Ernesto Vela Ruiz, Maucio De la Garza Clariond.
Structural Engineer
Studio NYL Bauen
mep Engineer
Plumbing Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Special Engineer
Landscape Consultant
Entorno Taller de Paisaje
Mixed Use Building
Orange Investments
Construction Area
35,000 m²

HIGHPARK / A building for the City

Highpark is located on the outskirts of the northern city of Monterrey, Mexico. Surrounded by the Majestic Sierra Madre Oriental Range. The project is designed to take full advantage of its geographic location and to help mitigate the extreme climatic conditions.

“Opposite to what developers would do, “Highpark” is a building for the city, as it opens its public plaza as an extension to be occupied by the quotidian. The terraces from the offices and apartments make user interact on a daily basis reinforcing a stronger sense of community”. Michel Rojkind

The building steps back as a way of integrating the building into the pedestrian realm, a recurring design concern for rojkind arquitectos. The residents and visitors alike can enjoy the resulting outdoor shaded space.

In order to react against the intensive sun, the floor plates shift from one to the other playing a game of light and shadow. At the same time, the use of local stone on the façade, made by local craftsmen, keeps the building cooler and creates a dynamic appearance that changes as the sun moves across the horizon.

The project offers outdoor terraces for each apartment due to the strict setback restrictions of the site, capitalizing on the views of the adjacent mountains.

“People enjoy the convenience of a house for its connection to a garden, or exterior spaces, which normally apartments lack. By having a project which integrates, not only terraces but real gardens even at the upper levels, we have achieved an experience unique to Monterrey.” Michel Rojkind

Highpark consists of a total of ten levels above grade and three and a half levels of underground parking. The first two levels are for commercial retail, the remaining 8 levels for luxury apartments. Within these 8 residential levels, recreational and entertainment spaces will be provided for the residents including a pool, gym, spa, etc. These 32 apartments will range in size from 250 square meters to 650 square meters.

The Building serves as a Platform for Additional

Creative Input:
Local designers have been invited to make each apartment unique and appealing to different styles and different market segments: Edmundo Salinas, Ernesto Vela Ruiz, Maucio De la Garza Clariond. Each apartment has a different layout and configuration, offering a wide range of internal distributions from a one level apartment to a two-stor y apartment.

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