Foto © Paul Czitrom
Foto © Paul Czitrom
Foto © Paul Czitrom
Foto © Paul Czitrom
Foto © Paul Czitrom


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5-20 Piani

This low income apartment building located in Mexico City, has 27 apartments at approximately 56 sqm each.  

The project’s main feature is the way light is driven inside the apartments, which gives the sense of greater interior spaces.  

The main goal was to give natural lightning and ventilation in every space of each apartment.   

To do this, the public (living- and dining room and kitchen) and private (bedrooms, studio and bath room) areas were split by 2 large patios.   

Because the building is located in the Historical Center, a great effort was made to give the facade a contemporary image in order to distinguish it from the social housing clichés.

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