Foto © Fidel Ugarte
Foto © Juan Pablo Maza
Foto © Fidel Ugarte
Foto © Fidel Ugarte
Foto © Fidel Ugarte

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In the last few years, Mexico City has experienced a huge development in housing due to the big demand.   

Unfortunately, high construction costs have turned into an imbalance between space quality and final prices.  

This social apartment building, two blocks away from famous Garibaldi square, emerges from two factors.   

The challenge of accomplishing the highest density allowed for the plot while creating great quality apartments. In order to make this happen the highest amount of apartments was designed in a central tower having the best views and orientation while generating the surface for a soccer field on the roof.  

There are 58 apartments of 53 sqm each and all open spaces are used for common gardens and terraces.

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