CENTRAL DE ARQUITECTURA is a young enterprise which since 1998 has grown as one of the most successful real estate developers in Mexico, known for its exceptional quality and service. The architects Jose Sanchez and Moises Isón, founders and directors of CENTRAL DE ARQUITECTURA, continue creating and developing amazing projects. The focus of the company is the fusion of financial planning, architectural design, construction and Real Estate within a complete strategy which allows for taking the best advantage of available resources. At the same time they seek the excellence in construction management and design, as well as providing the deserved service to each valued customer.

"A space designed as you want it for what you want it"

The mission statement of GRUPO CENTRAL DE ARQUITECTURA is to integrate the design, construction and sales promotion services to develop real estate projects; offering in this way, a product with the outmost standards of design, construction and sales promotion of the residential market, not only at Mexico but through all North America.

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