Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados Architectural Workshop

Photo © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
Photo © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
Photo © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
Photo © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
Photo © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
Photo © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
Photo © Roberto Cardenas Cabello
Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

After ten years of fully accomplishing the objective for its original design and due to the increasing number of employees, we’ve modernized our facilities to be able to efficiently respond to the demands of its modern work rithm.

Since the force of hurricane “Isidoro” in 2002 caused the death of the cedar tree that gave concept of the original building, we made plans to grow north towards the front of the lot. While the tree existed we always wanted to keep it but with it gone we conceived a continuous and unitary interior space to house the new requirements of the workshop.

The design stage started by keeping the building we already had as an attitude of respect for the ten years of efforts and dreams that it represented. The addition was thought as a big double height box that would swallow the trapezoidal projecting roof that used to be the porch, turning it into a mezzanine within the new interior space. The box also created a great window towards the north overlooking the neighboring tree tops and the blue sky.

The furniture works along with the architectural design. It is mainly granite countertops that hide the technical infrastructure with a continuous flow that integrates the different parts of the program.

The only additional interior wall in the proposal emerges as a radius of the same center as the existing curved wall. Its low height allows it to work as a partition for the public area from the workshop without sacrificing the fluency of the space.

A zenital light intake divides the new from the old, emphasizing the two stages of construction and injects light into the back part of the office with an aluminum louvered grill that draws shadows in the wall that used to be the main façade and today is the screen that tells us about the passage of the day and carries the air conditioning ducts within.

The constructive system based on prefabricated concrete walls and roof slabs is left apparent to achieve a feeling of honesty in the composition.

We’ve talked about the respect for the pre-existence but we also consider of main importance to the project that you could notice a strong change in the expression of the space and its atmosphere. The choice of materials was wood, stone, aluminum, concrete and black granite all presented with honesty which provoked a drastic change in the image and expression of the building generating contrasts that enhance the elements of the design.

Additional bathrooms were conceived as well and a kitchenette.

With this addition to the Muñoz Arquitectos building we prepare ourselves to confront the years to come with appropriate facilities that allow us to provide a better service and a work ambiance in which the exterior completes and compliments the interior and shows the design principles that the office believes in.

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