Light Symposium Wismar 2020/21

Online Light Symposium – The Future of Daylight and Artificial Lighting in Healthy Built Environments.

(Wismar / World) This three-day international online forum "Light Symposium Wismar 2020/21" brings together the latest insights into the future of daylight and artificial lighting in healthy built environments with respect to research, theory, technologies, design and applications.

The title of this year’s LSW 2020/21 event acknowledges a world that is changing dramatically, with human health and well-being at the forefront of global interest and concern. The impact of illumination and the opportunities this presents are hard to define right now, which is why they are the subject of our debate.
Also, today and in the future, daylight and architectural lighting design need to better acknowledge the need for interdisciplinary collaboration between scientists, medical researchers, the lighting industry, and lighting designers. Therefore, education and continuing education in the form of such an event is, and will remain, the basis for all developments in the field of lighting design as a discipline and profession.

The LSW 2020/21 will be held from Wednesday, March 10th through to Friday, March 12th, 2021. The original date in October 2020, which was planned to be a face-to-face event at Wismar University, was postponed to March 2021, to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. However, this symposium will take place on the Zoom online platform, to meet Corona framework conditions.

10 March, 12:00 to 12 March 2021
Online Event
Wismar University