Laredo 18

Mexico City
Dibujo © Aldo Sazen
Dibujo © Aldo Sazen
Dibujo © Aldo Sazen
Dibujo © Aldo Sazen
Dibujo © Aldo Sazen
Dibujo © Aldo Sazen
Wolff - Yapur
Calle Laredo 18, 06100, Mexico City
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 Laredo 18 is a project based on the restoration of a 1960’s building in the Colonia Condesa that is made up of 3 floors, 6 apartments, ground floor parking and a commercial space. Being a poorly maintained building, the project focused on establishing more efficient use of space to maximize economic profitability and environmental form. We modernized the original integrity of the building by combining original elements with handicrafts, metal, and natural materials (stone and wood). We were also able to add 3 apartments, making a total of 9 in the building, with 2 penthouses on the fourth floor and a study on the ground level. 


The building seeks integration and permanence to the colony as part of a contemporary intervention to an existing property.


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