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Our study is formed by a group of twenty people, eight of which are architects and the rest are students of that career; besides the secretarial and cleaning personnel.


Every member of the workshop studied or study in Mérida, weather in the Marista University or in the Yucatán State College.


The conception of the project is a personal process that is submitted to the judgment of the other members of the workshop. We try to listen to all the opinions, although finally, the head of the office always evaluates the project. The more seniority each member has, the more freedom it has to make decisions.


Even though each member of the workshop takes care -in a personal way- of the development of a project, we try to get everyone involved in the office activities.


After its foundation, the study has a workshop manager: Architect Gareth Lowe, who besides coordinating and designating work among our crew, plays the essential job of "devil's advocate" by questioning every solution and putting projects to the test. He has been a friend and a great support for the development of the office.

Every year, we do between 25 and 40 projects of diverse scales and budgets, developing in each one all the architectural aspects and sub-contracting the engineering work to other offices, in case the client requires it. We do our best to print our talent and passion for architecture in every project.


In the office, we are very concerned about the follow up of the projects, hence the architectural supervision during construction. The first seven years, we built the projects we designed. We stopped doing that, not meaning that we are not interested in the construction. We consider that an excellent execution is the backbone of a great project.


"We consider freedom something that has to be conquered". So that a client looks for us and allows us to work the way we like, we need to aim for what we think is correct and never betray our convictions. That is the reason why our office rejects the assignments that go against our principals and we are motivated by those who allow us to perform our job ethically.

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