Mayer Hasbani is a young firm that creates functional, aesthetic and innovative spaces that address our clients’ needs. We aim for our stimulating designs to help enhance our clients’ and their surroundings quality of life. We are interested in establishing a deep dialogue with our clients and with the environment into which our work is situated, place it into context and discover its integrated design solutions. We’re known for incorporating innovative elements and some experimental exercises that ultimately become enrichment features in each of our projects. We are conscious of the fact that architecture establishes a clear relationship to art but our intentions go far beyond beautification. Through architectural design, the creation of warm, intriguing spaces we propose to transform daily life into experiences that transcend the quotidian. Mayer Hasbani architects design innovative solutions on architectural and interior design for residential, corporative and mixed uses. 

“The more complex the project, the greater our motivation to generate a creative, surprising solution.”





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