PUUK Architects was founded in February of 2004 by Yair Wolf and Faustino Ruiz.
Our work is instilled with our passion for human relationships, our longing for the comprehension and interpretation of a dream, and the determination of a reality. We believe in the power of creativity for the development of an inhabitable world.

We are committed to being an alternative based on function, equilibrium and the well being of the systems that make up our habitat. Under these premises, we create a unique aesthetic conjunction for every project.

We believe it to be fundamental to achieve these goals by showing a profound respect for the past, acting on the present, and planning for the future. Tackling each project by considering it unique based on the location, context and needs of each of our clients.

Academic Experience
Associate Teacher to the Architects Mauricio Rocha y Miquel Adriá in the Summer Workshop and regular Semester at the Anahuac University 2004.

Skillful Conference for the FMF (Mexican Football Federation), The Image
of the Football Stadium, where it comes from and where is it going 2005.

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