Duarte Aznar Arquitectos

Mixed-Used Complex "Paseo 60"

Mérida, Yucatán, 2017

The main objective of the commission was to create a set of buildings that would offer for rent the necessary surface area for various us...

Duarte Aznar Arquitectos

"House of Machines" Gourmet Market

Mérida, Yucatán, 2018

In a polygon of land within the "Paseo 60" Usen Mix Complex, with a surface area of ​​about 600 m2, above two levels of underground parki...

Wolff - Yapur

Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva

Mexico City, 2016

The Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva in Mexico City is a project that has been lobbied to many city institutions. After several months, T...

Rojkind Arquitectos

Roma Market

Mexico City, 2014

Conceived as a space to house expressions of the rich contemporary and Mexican gastronomic culture, Mercado Roma gives special emphasis t...

Najmias Oficina de Arquitectura [NOA] Najmias Office for Architecture


Tulum, 2008

The client, who has three hotels in the area, established for Tribal some important challenges. On the one hand, a hotel absolutely susta...

Pascal Arquitectos

Guria Polanco Restaurant

Mexico, 2013

Five years ago emerged the concept of the new restaurant Guria Santa Fe, after being located for over thirty years at the Roma neighborho...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Fogara + Bryan's

Merida, 2010

The Project comes up when the client reaches us to ask for a commercial renting complex. The City of Merida has become a victim of a phe...

Pascal Arquitectos

Hilton Centro HIstorico Spa / Roof

Mexico, 2005

On the site where for decades stood the Hotel del Prado- which suffered damages during the1985 earthquake and was later demolished- the c...

Pascal Arquitectos

Nisha Palmas

Mexico, 2006

The project comes up from the intention of creating an entertainment space for adults of 30 years old and over. The place houses a lounge...

Pascal Arquitectos


Mexico, 2004

Architectural design in Guria restaurant is a contemporary interpretation of old basque homes. This concept, under express request of the...

Pascal Arquitectos

El Cardenal Palmas Restaurante

Mexico, 2005

El restaurante “El Cardenal”, se ubica en la planta baja de un moderno edificio en la esquina de Av. de las Palmas y Monte Camerún; el d...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos


Mexico City, 2006

In the Alameda Gateway project, Monjaraz Serrano Arquitectos, is located the new branch of the Italo-Argentine restaurant Spuntino. For t...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Jaso Restaurant

Mexico City, 2006

The concept was designed based on the sensorial elements: fire, air, water and sound. The materials play a very important role in this pr...

divece arquitectos

Restaurante Chez Nous

Guadalajara., 2001

Este actor urbano es difícil de idealizar, es un personaje que actúa con la iluminación, que cambia con el sol, que se alegra de sus usua...

Rojkind Arquitectos

Tori Tori Restaurant

Mexico City, 2011

Considered one of the best Japanese restaurants in Mexico City and due to its remarkable success, Tori-Tori has now moved to a bigger loc...

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