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idealice landschaftsarchitektur

Holzwohnbau D12 Seestadt Aspern, Wien

Moneo Brock

Parish Church in Pueblo Serena

Monterrey, 2016

The church “El Señor de la Misericordia” is located in the center of a new town-like urban development in Monterrey, Mexico, surrounded b...

BNKR Arquitectura

Ecumenical Chapel

Cuernavaca, 2013

Some customers visited La Estaancia Chapel and contacted us to make a private chapel for their weekend house at Cuernavaca. They wanted a...

BNKR Arquitectura

La Estancia Chapel

Cuernavaca, 2008

La Estancia Wedding Gardens were conceived in a traditional Mexican baroque colonial style. When one of Bunker’s associates decided...

BNKR Arquitectura

Sunset Chapel

Acapulco, 2011

Our first religious commission, La Estancia Chapel, was a wedding chapel conceived to celebrate the first day of a couple’s new lif...

Pascal Arquitectos



Technical This is going to be a Green sustainable building: “design philosophy which focuses on incre...

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