Wolff - Yapur

Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva

Mexico City, 2016

The Regeneration of Ciudad Deportiva in Mexico City is a project that has been lobbied to many city institutions. After several m...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Tepoztlan Lounge

Tepoztlan, 2014

Tepoztlan is a small town nestled between rocky cliffs located to the South of Mexico City - 50 kilometers away from the vibrant metropol...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

LMB bungalow

Tepoztlan, 2015

The LMB bungalow is the first of a possible series of bungalows intended to be built on a large site in Tepoztlán - a small town o...

CRG Architects

Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Hotel & Spa

Akumal, 2006

The Maya understood the universe as the result of numerical-geometric emanating scores a universal principle called HUNAB-KU

Najmias Oficina de Arquitectura [NOA] Najmias Office for Architecture


Tulum, 2008

The client, who has three hotels in the area, established for Tribal some important challenges. On the one hand, a hotel absolutely susta...

Pascal Arquitectos

Guria Polanco Restaurant

Mexico, 2013

Five years ago emerged the concept of the new restaurant Guria Santa Fe, after being located for over thirty years at the Roma neighborho...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados

Fogara + Bryan's

Merida, 2010

The Project comes up when the client reaches us to ask for a commercial renting complex. The City of Merida has become a victim of...

Duarte Aznar Arquitectos

Restaurante Punta Sam


Can we live in nature without conquer it? How to enjoy it without plundering?... Maybe, if we just perched quietly and gently allow the g...

Central de Arquitectura

Hotel Deseo

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, 2001

El Deseo is located in Playa del Carmen, a small town where fun and relaxation are part of the place. The general concept of this project...

Central de Arquitectura

Hotel Basico

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, 2005

This hotel is located in Playa del Carmen in one corner of La Quinta Avenida –the main avenue of the city- and it´s integrate...

BNKR Arquitectura

Filadelfia Corporate Suites

Mexico City, 2010

Adventures in Dermatecture. What happens when the concept of a project is reduced to a façade in the process of its...

2puntocero arquitectura


Valle de Bravo, Mexico State, 2011

Location: Valle de Bravo, Estado de México, Mexico Status: currently under design The One who is, protect us...

Pascal Arquitectos

Cancun Country Club


The Club House project represents tradition, class and good taste for the Golf Club development. From the architectural po...

Pascal Arquitectos

Hilton Centro HIstorico Spa / Roof

Mexico, 2005

On the site where for decades stood the Hotel del Prado- which suffered damages during the1985 earthquake and was later demolished- the c...

Pascal Arquitectos

Nisha Palmas

Mexico, 2006

The project comes up from the intention of creating an entertainment space for adults of 30 years old and over. The place houses a lounge...

Pascal Arquitectos

Hotel Hilton Centro Historico

Mexico, 2003

Located in downtown Mexico City across the “Alameda Central”, sharing Avenida Juarez along with the “Palacio de Bellas ...

Pascal Arquitectos


Mexico, 2004

Architectural design in Guria restaurant is a contemporary interpretation of old basque homes. This concept, under express request of the...

Pascal Arquitectos



Neo, a word derivated from the old Greek which meaning is new. This prefix commonly used in Spanish take us immediately to avant-garde mo...

Pascal Arquitectos

El Cardenal Palmas Restaurante

Mexico, 2005

El restaurante “El Cardenal”,  se ubica en la planta baja de un moderno edificio en la esquina de Av. de las Palmas y Mo...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos


Mexico City, 2006

In the Alameda Gateway project, Monjaraz Serrano Arquitectos, is located the new branch of the Italo-Argentine restaurant Spuntino. For t...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Hotel Boutique La Purificadora

Puebla, 2007

Associate Architect: LEGORRETA + LEGORRETA La Purificadora, es el nombre original  que alberga a la propuesta hoteler...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Jaso Restaurant

Mexico City, 2006

The concept was designed based on the sensorial elements: fire, air, water and sound. The materials play a very important role in this pr...

divece arquitectos

Restaurante Chez Nous

Guadalajara., 2001

Convertir una caja vacía de cristal de 5.70 m de altura en un actor urbano que toma como instrumento artístico la iluminación, cambia con...

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