Cadaval & Solà-Morales

Tepoztlan Lounge

Tepoztlan, 2014

Tepoztlan is a small town nestled between rocky cliffs located to the South of Mexico City - 50 kilometers away from the vibrant metropol...

Cadaval & Solà-Morales

LMB bungalow

Tepoztlan, 2015

The LMB bungalow is the first of a possible series of bungalows intended to be built on a large site in Tepoztlán - a small town o...

CRG Architects

Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya Hotel & Spa

Akumal, 2006

The Maya understood the universe as the result of numerical-geometric emanating scores a universal principle called HUNAB-KU

Najmias Oficina de Arquitectura [NOA] Najmias Office for Architecture


Tulum, 2008

The client, who has three hotels in the area, established for Tribal some important challenges. On the one hand, a hotel absolutely susta...

2puntocero arquitectura


Valle de Bravo, Mexico State, 2011

Location: Valle de Bravo, Estado de México, Mexico Status: currently under design The One who is, protect us...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos


Mexico City, 2006

In the Alameda Gateway project, Monjaraz Serrano Arquitectos, is located the new branch of the Italo-Argentine restaurant Spuntino. For t...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Hotel Boutique La Purificadora

Puebla, 2007

Associate Architect: LEGORRETA + LEGORRETA La Purificadora, es el nombre original  que alberga a la propuesta hoteler...

Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

Jaso Restaurant

Mexico City, 2006

The concept was designed based on the sensorial elements: fire, air, water and sound. The materials play a very important role in this pr...

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