“Central Onceveintitrés”

Ciudad de México
dmp arquitectura
dmp arquitectura

With the objective of generate a change in the restaurant conception, Central Onceveintitrés was born in the San José Insurgentes neighborhood, a strategic point in the south of Mexico City due to the architectural crossbreeding that happens there. According to our point of view, a restaurant wouldn’t be limited by its genre nature, that’s why Central, following its name, was thought as a place where design, art and good taste for food converge.

Located where it was the garden, the garage and a portion of an antique house, the access happens trough a regular shaped gallery that lodges the Shop, the Reception, the Charcuterie and the Cava. Such gallery is surrounded by two L-shaped areas, one for the dining area and the other for the kitchen/services area. Furthermore, we followed the goal of recycling building site leftovers in almost the entire project, giving away a great solution both in esthetics and sustainability. In that way, it came up the ceiling made from blacksmith’s trade leftovers, the wooden deck made from formwork, and the repurposed furniture and luminaires.

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