Marista University of Merida Health Building

Merida, 2011

The Marista University of Merida added a new building to its campus as fundamental part of its consolidation process. This new module hou...

Senate of Mexico

Mexico, 2010

Fogara + Bryan's

Merida, 2010

The Project comes up when the client reaches us to ask for a commercial renting complex. The City of Merida has become a victim of a phe...

Montecristo House

Merida, 2010

Cousin's House

Merida, 2010

Rajuela House

Merida, 2010

“Rajuela” house arises from the need of an elder person living in a contemporary house with good manufacturing, but at the same time invo...

Among Trees

Merida, 2010

Nana House

Merida, 2009


Uaymitún, 2008

More than just a house at the beach, Siriki seeks to reflect the lifestyle and activities of the vacation period that goes on in the Yuca...

Muñoz Arquitectos Asociados Architectural…

Merida, 2007

After ten years of fully accomplishing the objective for its original design and due to the increasing number of employees, we’ve moderni...

Lock House

Isla Mujeres, 2006

This house was considered a unique opportunity to work on one of the best sites in the world and for stupendous clients whose expectation...

Mipi House

Merida, 2005

The client, an excellent friend and great builder, companion of many working days and a professional who has come to comprehend the dream...

Department of Justice of the State of Yucatán

Merida, 2005

We consider that the central aspect of any building designated to seek justice is precisely that: To reflect justice. This goal is achiev...

San Benito Market

Merida, 2003

Xcumpich House

Merida, 1994