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Foto © Alvaro Capistran

“El Eco” Museum Annex

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The experimental museum “El Eco”, developed by Mathías Goeritz in 1952, is one of the most significant and emblematic buildings of  twentieth century in Mexico.

In 2005 the museum was restored by the UNAM, and in 2006 a contest was called for an annex building to contain its complementary services.

The winning proposal of the competition is a careful exercise of integration with the original construction and dignifies “El Eco” Museum.

The project is notable for its discreet and respectful attitude towards the existing building while retaining a contemporary character.  The “L” form building is situated between two trapezoidal patios, the main one opens to the street and the second one is an interior patio.  

The ground floor has a multiple activities room, workshop and storage room. The upper floor has offices, dinning room and washroom.

Associated office: LAR

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